Fall Into The Latest Design Trends

Summer is officially over and fall has arrived. It’s almost time for the holidays, which means large household gatherings and a lot of entertaining. Make your home a welcome space that your friends and family will love to spend time in – and that you will be proud to show off.

Keep it Light, Bright, and Outdoor Friendly

Sometimes the best solution for a kitchen, bedroom, or living room is keeping it simple. That’s why so many homeowners are choosing to go with the minimalist approach: keeping it light and bright. Using large wooden posts and beams throughout in your custom-built home will make it feel open and dramatic. Without using “loud” colors or excessive décor, expert craftsmanship can give your home the personality it has been longing for.

People who want to buy or build their dream home are beginning to think outside the box. They don’t just want a dream kitchen or master suite, they want a perfect view. Surrounding your home with large windows will completely change its look and feel. Don’t think of the interior and exterior of your home as two separate spaces. Welcome in the natural light and make it a part of your overall home design.

You might worry that a window-heavy home is unpractical for natural disasters. Especially if you’re a long time resident of the New Jersey coastline. Rest assured, our company will install all the features you need to keep your home standing tall. Protect your home with the best hurricane safe windows on the market. Your next home can give you a panoramic view that you will never get tired of waking up to, without leaving you vulnerable.

NJ custom home bedroom

Bolder Color Choices

Homeowners are becoming more daring in their design choices. Choosing a simple color palette and splashing it was a burst of color can transform any space. Right now, deep, rich blues are making homes across the country look bold and beautiful. Whether it’s a custom-built bar or a designer range hood, we are with you every step of the way to choose all of these bold features. Who knew a high-end copper faucet would make such a powerful statement in this New Jersey kitchen?

Bathroom in a New Jersey custom built shore home

Great Entertainment Space

Homeowners have moved away from formal dining and towards open-concept living. Why? Because having a great space to entertain is now top on the priority list. This means more counter space, bar stools for the kitchen island, and a smooth flow from the kitchen to the living room. Homeowners want clever ways to accommodate their guests without making their home feel cluttered. Well-designed homes are built with ease and functionality to make your friends and family comfortable. Changing the layout, furniture, or focal point in an entertainment space will open it up to brand new possibilities. We provide extraordinary home renovations where no amenities are spared – even when it looks wide open to visitors.

Gorgeous entertainment space in a New Jersey custom built shore home  Down to Earth

Use natural elements in the construction of your home to make it resilient and authentic. This “down to earth” approach will give your home an organic, wholesome feel that many contemporary home designs are lacking.  It will also provide you with a sense of peace and tranquility knowing your home was expertly crafted to withstand potential disasters.

Choosing natural materials during your home construction or renovation will pay off. Wood is one of the most sustainable and versatile materials out there. Our custom New Jersey homes are built to withstand the test of time along the coastline to maximize your security. Take a look at how wooden features transformed this space without taking away from its contemporary design – all while making safety a priority.

Custom built staircase in NJ

Geometric Patterns

Geometrics pattern naturally catch our eye when they are used in your dream home. They are bold, interesting, and a fantastic way to accent a simple aesthetic design. Our expert home builders can install patterns in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of design options. Try installing a granite or mosaic backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom to make a grand statement. If tile isn’t your thing, try using shiplap in a horizontal or herringbone pattern to give your home more character. They key here is balance – you shouldn’t overwhelm a space by using too many alternating shapes and color choices.

Bathroom and shower in a custom NJ shore home

Are you searching for your dream home or considering a major home renovation? Unlike the weather, our standards never change – we have a solid reputation because we set high expectations for all of our contractors, craftsmen and artisans. We have been building and restoring homes on the New Jersey Coastline for over three generations. Embrace the season and the latest design trends by talking to a professional at Monetti Custom Homes today.

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Photography by Steven Govel

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