Ahead of the Curve

Like anything else, trends in home design change over time. What’s popular now may be forgotten in a year. However, the finest custom home designs can outlive simple trends and become timeless. Keeping this in mind, there’s nothing that says that the latest technologies and improvements can’t be incorporated in the construction of your home to ensure that it’s not only classic and eternal but up to date and efficient as well.

Throughout our 68 year history at Monetti Custom Homes we’ve cultivated our craft and our strengths in expert craftsmanship, field experience, and in guiding our clients through the building process from the very start to its (on-time) finish.

You can see just how focused we are on our work and our attention to detail in this quick video highlighting our head project manager, Norm as he leads his team. WATCH

Project manager of NJ custom home builder company, Monetti Custom Homes

This attention to detail and passion for building unique and exceptional homes extends itself to all we do including everything from becoming masters of our craft to staying up to date and ahead of the curve on the latest styles. This enables us to better serve our customers by providing each individual with a truly custom build.

“Your team exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the building and planning process. We were particularly pleased that you were able to plan and build our home, and it required our presence on the job site less than six times during the entire project! This was remarkable!” Seaside Park, NJ – Andrew & Michele DeGroat Read More Testimonials

To make the home building process less stressful and more accessible to you, the owner, we’ve recently launched a new online software management program that provides our team and the homeowner with real-time 24/7 access to scheduling, photos, and homebuyer selections. This tool will enable you to login to your account and track the entire process of your new home’s construction. Now, you don’t have to wait for updates from your builder. At any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world, you can simply check to see what progress has been made as you anxiously await your home’s completion. Improvements like these not only help our customers but also help us as we continuously strive to be leaders in our industry.

Quality custom home designs are able to seamlessly integrate your personal tastes, your personal needs, and classic home construction while also making sure to incorporate the latest lifestyle necessities. Monetti Custom Homes prides itself on making this integration both seamless and visually stunning. Home design trends that we’ve successfully integrated into numerous home builds are a point of satisfaction for us.

Going Green is a special goal we take on and encourage in every new build. We provide everything from ensuring your home is equipped with the latest and most efficient climate control technologies, to adopting the philosophy that ensures that our home designs work with the surrounding natural environment rather than against it. Going green needs to be good for both your wallet and the environment.

  • E-homes are slowly becoming the norm in new home construction. With the growing demand for accessible home management from anywhere in the world, more and more custom home designs are incorporating technology that enables homeowners to manage their homes remotely. This means controlling lights, climate, security and appliances all from your mobile device.
  • Open concept homes are becoming increasingly more popular. Homeowners want vast open rooms with high ceilings and large windows to let in natural light and to give them stunning views of their surrounding landscapes. An obvious choice for anyone with a view of the gorgeous New Jersey shoreline.

Electrical box in a New Jersey custom homeNJ custom built home finished basement


Maintaining the iconic look of our beautiful New Jersey shoreline while ensuring the natural landscape remains unharmed is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

For the latest in home design trends or to speak to a Monetti consultant about building your dream home, please call us at 732.223.749. monettibuilt.net

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