Brett & Kristi

Dave & Bonnie

Phyllis & Andrew

Phyllis & Andrew Perrin – Mantoloking, NJ

"Chris, We want to thank you for referring Robert Monetti. You were absolutely correct, Robert and his staff are very professional. I was able to communicate with anyone I needed to speak with at any time, This was very important to Andrew and me. The office staff is great. Ann does a good job running communications and Jessica manages finance and keeps his billing very transparent. Norm is always either on site or available and is very professional. Andrew and I got to know Norm and Mike, who both supervised our job site, and we came to appreciate their expertise that they brought to our job. We came to rely on them for most decisions. I was also impressed with Robert's subcontractors. Their work seems to me to be top notched but I would also remark that they were just really nice people. We think this makes a difference...

-Phyllis & Andrew Perrin

Missy & Brian McCabe – Mantoloking, NJ

"Monetti Custom Homes has a well deserved reputation for excellence. From start to finish, design through production, Robert and his team were involved and collaborative partners. Every detail was managed to perfection which kept us moving efficiently through all the trials and tribulations of building at the Jersey shore. As many have noted, their work product is truly exceptional - master craftsmen at every turn. Words cannot truly convey how remarkably talented and innovative the team is. Our home is expertly built and beautifully crafted. It is also usable, functional and every inch customized to our vision. The entire team is worthy of every accolade they receive."

- Missy & Brian McCabe

Bonnie and Frey – Mantoloking, NJ

"We would like thank you and the Monetti Custom homes team for the outstanding job you did in building our home. You came highly recommended and still exceeded our lofty expectations. Our confidence in you and your team began at a high level and grew consistently further throughout the process. We excepted the home building process to be stressful, but your level of knowledge and expertise was a great comfort to us. Your personal involvement, availability and attention were very reassuring, and your communication was excellent. Calls or emails were almost always returned the same day. Your attention to detail, impeccable quality, and commitment to excellence were evident during every step of the process. It is clear that the Monetti team's objective is not to just build a house, but to deliver a top-quality home to an extremely please customer. We strongly feel there is no one else who should have built our house, and we are extremely proud to have a Monettibuilt home.

- Dave and Bonnie Frey

Stephen & Bonnie Holmes – Seaside Park, NJ


"It has been a pleasure to know you and everyone that's been part of the Monetti building process -over the past few years. Hope we can call you a friend long after this process is over."

"You are the best and you can quote me on that."

"Robert Monetti is in the process of building a house for us. He is absolutely wonderful to work with. Everything is going absolutely wonderful and just as planned. He gets back with us immediately.

I love how you all take ownership of our home and still let me have input. Seriously, thank you for your creative genius!"

- Stephen & Bonnie Holmes

Private Residence – Spring Lake, NJ

"We have known Robert Monetti for over two years now. We met Robert when we began the process of building our home and are very happy we chose Robert. We could tell right away that he was a man of integrity and had great attention to detail. We worked extensively with him throughout the process and he was always available to provide insight, guidance and his opinion. His experience definitely helped us to navigate through the process of making all the necessary decisions.

Among the many things that set Monetti Custom Homes apart from other builders is the fact that they have an excellent administrative staff that is available throughout the week. Ann and Jessica were always very helpful and a welcome resource. They were able to help facilitate communications whenever it became necessary. We would definitely encourage anyone considering a home project to use Robert Monetti as we feel he built our home as if it were his own."

- Private Residence

Erin Brower – Lavallette, NJ

"Since I never built a house before I can only go by what I have seen.

I am grateful to have some one as articulate as you.

Thank you for being so understanding."

- Erin Brower

Todd Cohen – Brielle, NJ

"You're the best...Amazing project!

Thank you for all of your attention, nightly visits and keeping us on schedule. I'm proud to call you a friend."

- Todd Cohen

Chris & Joanne Bailey – Point Pleasant, NJ

“We would like to thank you and your team for building our new home. It truly is a masterpiece. You instilled old world craftsmanship that is hard to find these days. You have exceeded our expectations and we would use you if we ever build again. We would highly recommend you to anyone considering building a custom home.”

- Chris & Joanne Bailey

Private Residence – Bay Head, NJ

monettinewjerseyshorecustomhomebuilderseagirtmonmouthcounty"As summer goes into fall, I wanted to let you know just how much we appreciate all the efforts and excellent work from your team this past year. After the storm, we really felt a sense of uncertainty and worried that we would not be able to make things right again in our beach home. We were so happy when you agreed to take on our repair projects and we put all of our trust in you "once again." We know that the past year has been so unusual and busy for you, yet we always felt that we were getting full attention and effort from you and your team. You took charge and got everything done so well and so quickly. Please know we are grateful and know how much of an impact you had on our family's life this summer."

- Private Residence

Kim & Joshua Rosenblum -Bradley Beach, NJ

springlakemonmouthcountynewjerseyshorecustombasementrenovationJPG"We recently spent over a year with Robert Monetti and his able team, living through a significant reconstruction of our house in Bradley Beach. At the risk of this sounding like a recitation of the Boy Scout Oath, we found him to be: Extremely trustworthy and honest, attentive to every detail, organized, full of great ideas, flexible, solution oriented and he did a phenomenal job...the workmanship is great.

I honestly felt he cared as much about the project as we did (and is as proud of the result as we are), and he continues to be there as there are questions or concerns."

- Kim & Joshua Rosenblum

Jim & Debbie Manser – Sea Girt, NJ

monettinewjerseyshorecustomhomebuilderseagirtmonmouthcounty"We wanted to let you know how absolutely perfect our new home is and how happy we are that we selected you to build it.  Our experience, thanks to you, was challenging and rewarding. We wish you continued success as you separate yourself from the rest of the field and establish yourself as one of the premier custom home builders in New Jersey."

- Jim & Debbie Manser

Andrew & Michele DeGroat – Seaside Park, NJ

"It is with pleasure that we are writing this letter to recommend your services to anyone interested in undertaking the home building or custom renovation process. My wife and I will take great pride in not only recommending your services, but also showing off your expert craftsmanship to potential clients in the future.

Your team exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the building and planning process. We were particularly pleased that you were able to plan and build our home and it required our presence on the job site less than 6 times during the entire project! This was remarkable!"

- Andrew & Michele DeGroat

Private Residence – Sea Girt, NJ

"Worth the wait and the 10 month move-out. Now I have a beautiful new kitchen that is four times its' original size. The look of the new kitchen honors the style of the house, with a sun porch that I would describe as tremendous, though the high-tech amenities are totally today."

- Private Residence

Bruce & Toni Gollob – Seaside Park, NJ

JerseyShoreCustomHome"In the past six years, Bruce and I have built two new homes and have remodeled two homes. Needless to say, we have interviewed and worked with at least three dozen home building contractors, sub-contractors and carpenters...Robert Monetti is undoubtedly the only builder that has our total confidence and admiration."

- Bruce & Toni Gollob

Marion & Jerry Gorman – Seaside Park, NJ

“As you said at the beginning, we would have a house that all of us would be happy with. I knew you would be the builder who could make this statement true. At no time did we ever feel overwhelmed. The schedule you set up for us flowed smoothly. You solved all the problems that could have resulted in major setbacks; the horrible weather, the personal difficulties, and let us enjoy a stress free time. If we could ever be of help to you in the future, please don't hesitate to call us. We will always be proud to show off our Robert Monetti house. Thank you for all your effort and personal sacrifices!"

-Marion & Jerry Gorman

Gaye & Frank Nichols – Mantoloking, NJ

monettinewjerseyshorecustomhomemantolokingoceancounty"You far surpassed all of our expectations. The home is magnificent. Thank you sincerely."

- Grace & Frank Nichols

Ronald & Bernadette Pilchman – Lavallette, NJ

png“Everything is great. Thank you again for your quick service. Norm and his team handled the repairs above our expectations and working with Ann has been a pleasure. You said it would be done right and it was. My wife said your men were great!"

-Ronald & Bernadette Pilchman

Tim & Karen Kacani – Seaside Park, NJ

"Words cannot describe how happy we are. We are blown away by the finished product and cannot stop commenting on the craftsmanship and attention to detail you and your team put into every part of the home. In the end we ended up with a custom home that far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Monetti Builders. There really is no one else."

- Tim & Karen Kacani

Maryann & Carl Palmisano – Seaside Park, NJ

During the time that we have lived in this house, we have not fallen out of love with it.  We retired in December 1999 and "came home" to this house.  We have had a number of beautiful homes throughout our married life, but never one like this. Robert Monetti's talents have made this all possible. No one else has the eye for detail and the talent in carpentry to work on our home as far as we are concerned.

- Maryann & Carl Palmisano

Meredith and Stephen Snizek – Spring Lake, NJ and London, England

springlakemonmouthcountynewjerseyshorecustombasementrenovationJPG"We can honestly say that we did not have one worry or issue with Robert or his team during our entire basement renovation. We would highly recommend Robert Monetti to anyone looking to do a construction project, big or small, and we will certainly use him again in the future."

- Meredith & Stephen Snizek

Doyle & Diane Hunsinger – Seaside Park, NJ

"Diane and I have been married 35 years and have had numerous projects with many custom builders reconstructing our home. Robert L. Monetti is truly a gem among them. He provides a professionalism and perfection that is seldom found in a home builder. He is a man of his word. Robert L. Monetti Builders makes us want to go find a new project so we can work together again."

- Doyle & Diane Hunsinger

Michelle, Robert and Kieran Fino – Sea Girt, NJ

"Words just cannot describe how much we love the wonderful new home you have created for us! Our addition is everything we dreamed of and more, and we have you and your terrific team to thank. 

We are beyond pleased with our new home. So, thanks a million for building the home that our son will grow up in and pass on to his kids some day - you are terrific!!!"

- Michelle, Robert and Kieran Fino

Tori & Jim Minish – Lavallette, NJ

"We have been very lucky since the storm and so much of that has to do with you being there for us and I wanted to thank you. Just the fact that you got us back together and in for the summer is something so many families did not have the luck of having. I recognize all you accomplished for us!"

- Tori & Jim Minish

Mark Patterson and Jennie Lewis – Seaside Park, NJ

monettinewjerseyshorecustomhomeseasideparkoceancounty4"Now that Mark and Jake and I have spent a few weeks at the beach, we've had an opportunity to fully realize what a great job you and your crew did at our home. Thank you for addressing our concerns, and most importantly, thank you for a wonderful custom renovation; it really was great working with you."

- Mark & Jennie Lewis

Liz & Phil Neugebauer – Lavallette, NJ

"Robert has a wonderful design eye and will help to make your project stay true to its original vision. Monetti's workmanship and attention to detail was amazing. Strangers walking by have commented on how beautiful our home is and want to know who built it. This level of quality, commitment, cleanliness and expertise lets us recommend him and his team at Monetti Custom Homes wholeheartedly."

- Liz & Phil Neugebauer

Richard Bakunas & Debbie Colligan – Manasquan, NJ

"Monetti Custom Homes is in the process of restoring our home destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Robert's attention to detail is both remarkable and refreshing. He has assembled a unique team of talented staff and craftsmen who implement projects to exacting detail."

- Richard Bakunas & Debbie Colligan

Dr. Parviz & Dr. Parvin Khorrami – Brielle, NJ

"Robert is extremely competent and meticulous and is a perfectionist in his domain of work. He showed tremendous cooperation during the project and we absolutely had no problems with him during the construction of our new home nor afterwards. Robert has a wonderful crew, all cooperative and tremendously competent in the jobs they were assigned to. I would highly recommend Robert Monetti without any reservation."

- Dr. Parviz & Dr. Parvin Khorrami

Mr. Raymond & Jeanette Miller – Pelican Island, NJ

"We want to thank you for building us a beautiful new home. We are so happy with the final result. You and your staff are to be commended for such fine workmanship. What more can we say than it is beautiful and everything we dreamed it would be."

- Raymond & Jeanette Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Boyle – Sea Girt, NJ

"You have been a dream to work with and you couldn't be a better man! We love our home, its more than we ever imagined it to be because of you and your dedication to your work. Thank you for being an amazing building contractor and I'll miss the friendship that has developed over the year. Hopefully you'll take on Little Silver in April! We'll wait for you."

- Patrick & Farley Boyle

Richard & Beth Torre – Point Pleasant, NJ

"Working with your team was truly a pleasure. We felt you took on our project as if it were your own home. Thank you so much for helping us through this incredibly important part of our lives, and making it a unique, special, and truly enjoyable process. We are very proud of our "Monetti-Built home."

- Richard & Beth Torre

Laura & Mike Maiorino- Toms River, NJ

"From the moment we sat down with you at our first meeting, we could plainly see the professionalism that is a hallmark of your organization. You not only completed a beautiful project but also completed it on time! 

The craftsman you employ are all a cut above what one typically finds on the job...Bright, intelligent and hard working.

You should be tremendously proud of the high standards for contractors everywhere."

-Laura & Mike Maiorino

Bill & Joan Johnson – Seaside Park, NJ

"We have been very pleased with our experience with Monetti Builders. First class workmanship combined with all around professionalism. Years after the job, Bob responds to our calls for advice. First Rate!"

- Bill & Joan Johnson

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