Building a High-End Master Bath in 2022

Luxury home sales are not slowing down in 2022, particularly in smaller urban markets. New construction targets wealthy homebuyers more frequently, creating a growing demand for rich features and amenities.

So, how do you reach this upper echelon of a white-hot market?

Recent trends suggest it may not be just the vaulted ceilings, gourmet-style kitchen, or unique architecture winning them over – but the bathroom. With that in mind, here are some ways you can rejuvenate your master bathroom in 2022 so you can get the best return on your investment.

Oversized Amenities

Who needs a double vanity if you have a premium, oversized bathroom sink? Sinks come in all shapes and sizes, from custom built-ins that preserve counter space to vessel sinks that add more character to the design. It’s an underrated feature that homeowners utilize multiple times a day.

You should also consider a walk-in shower with a bench or extra-large tub to give yourself plenty of room to relax and decompress. Used for both hydrotherapy and pleasure, the amenities in your bathroom can make a massive difference in your daily routine. 


Element-Inspired Accents

Modern fireplaces are just as practical as they are beautiful, especially in the colder months on the New Jersey coastline. Consider mounting one to the wall to achieve optimal storage space and add some flair to the design.

If that’s enough, turn your daily amenities into sophisticated water features to achieve even more decadence. Rain shower systems and infinity baths both provide that spa-like appearance in the bathroom while also providing maximum comfort.

Pampering Space

Another great way to turn your master bath into an oasis is to build yourself a dedicated pampering space. You’ll be getting ready and winding down in this area every day, so we recommend not cutting any corners with your self-care.

Deck out your vanity with all the bells and whistles and add in seating for extra comfort and support. Last but not least, don’t forget to give yourself plenty of storage space.

Stay Cozy Year-Round

When it comes to getting cold in your luxury home, bathrooms are a key culprit. Thankfully, there are steps you can take in the construction process to ensure you stay warm all year long.

Many of us have felt it – that shockingly cold feeling you get when you step out of the shower and onto the tile in your bare feet. Heated flooring that maintains a consistent, comfortable temperature is a popular addition to master bathrooms.

Choose from an electric or hydronic heating system, and never worry about that unwelcome wake-up call in the morning again.

Private Dressing Areas

If you really want to take your master suite to the next level, finish the space off with a private dressing area that connects to the bathroom. Incorporating seating, ample lighting, and custom furniture or built-ins to store all your belongings.

Private dressing areas and rooms are the next generation of walk-in closets. They are functional, tasteful, and are uniquely crafted for the homeowner. This is a particularly popular option for empty nesters who want to revitalize the space in their home.

No luxury home would be the same without an equally luxurious master suite. So, if you’re looking to buy or renovate a new home, make sure this space is high in your list of priorities. High-end bathrooms will maximize your comfort in the present while also helping to secure your investment in the future.

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