Building a Kid-Friendly Dream Home

A lot of parents have the same wish list when it comes to building their dream home. It reads something like, “open floor plan to keep an eye on the kids, lots of storage space, and a large background.” There is this (silly) idea that each family member will have a dedicated space – Mom will have her dream kitchen, Dad will have his man-cave, and the kids will have plenty of space to keep them entertained in their bedrooms. You move in thinking you’ve got it all figured out. The next thing you know, the couch cushions are upside down and the linen closet has been emptied. Take a look at how this custom basement construction in New Jersey gave the whole family what they wanted (and desperately needed).

A Home Inside of a Home

You can give your kids the play space of their dreams without all the messy furniture forts. This mini dream home in is a welcome addition to any basement. The front of the house was cleverly built into the wall to minimize the overall loss of space. This room looks open and inviting, while giving the kids a dedicated area of their own.

The interior of your home can be as bright and beautiful as the New Jersey coastline. The space you give your children doesn’t have to be an eyesore. In fact, it can be a stunning addition that adds to your home’s unique character. Our artisans and craftsmen are experts at choosing the right materials, décor options, and finishing touches, whether it’s a small project or a total renovation.

Kid friendly room inside a NJ custom built shore homeIf you haven’t figured it out, this adorable little house is actually a full-size room on the inside, giving this New Jersey family the perfect storage area. The beautiful exterior of the mini home is the perfect hideaway for toys, games, and more.

Attention to Detail

This mini dream home isn’t missing anything. Each feature was carefully crafted by our custom home builders to make the final addition look and feel authentic. Kids love to feel empowered – like they are inviting you into their personal space. That’s why most traditional indoor forts have a special knock or secret passcode that “permits” you to enter into their world. In this custom home build, we gave the kids their own door bell and lock. These small but thoughtful details are sure to brighten up any kid’s day.

Dooorbell Door Lock

As proud home owners, you don’t want anything in your dream home to look tacky or unpolished. That’s why we used several finishing touches to make this mini home look stunning. From the careful woodworking to the window planters, every detail helps to bring this custom home project to life.

Detailed craftsmanship in a kid friendly custom room

Kid friendly custom New Jersey home accents








Here’s the reality: kids like to break the rules. Kids might not be thinking about a mortgage, but they are thinking about their dream home – or at least a place to call their own. From blanket forts to cushion castles, children are constantly searching for an escape from reality.

The days of indoor fort-building have passed. Let our custom home builders give you a more creative solution that will make the whole family happy.

Photography by Steven Govel

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