Challenging the Status Quo: The Monetti Difference

It takes a sense of pride and responsibility to thrive in the luxury home market. Expectations are higher, the clientele is more selective, and companies are challenged to provide the finest craftsmanship at the best value possible for their clients.

For that reason, Monetti has never taken a cookie-cutter approach to building, especially when the stakes are high. Each home erected on the New Jersey coastline is an art form and passion project. Here are just a few ways we set ourselves apart from the competition and give our clients exceptionable, irreplaceable forever homes.

Planning for Success

The importance of planning can be seen in all facets of life, whether you’re going on vacation, trying to meet a deadline at work, or even expecting a new addition to the family. Building a luxury home is no expectation.

It’s not uncommon for the planning stages of a new build to take 12 months to achieve ideal results. The team at Monetti takes ample time to understand a client’s needs and lifestyle so there are no gaps in communication when it’s time to get started.

The deep, personal relationships we establish with our clients give us the unique insight we need to plan the future, often incorporating features and elements they hadn’t even considered. And the symmetry between our team and our clients translates into a balance home.

Superior Craftsmanship

On top of careful planning, companies that supply luxury beach homes also need to have a vision for how all the different elements of that build will fit together. Monetti is no stranger to 10,000 square-foot homes with grand, open floor plans and challenging architecture.

These homes need to have the capacity to withstand the natural elements of the Jersey Shore, so having a deep-rooted knowledge of building materials is a must. Reinforced masonry, structural steel, expansive joints, and rebar work are just a few specialties of Monetti’s team that make new oceanfront construction possible.

The Cream of the Crop

There are several phases of a new home build or restoration, and each one calls for different areas of expertise. Monetti’s superior project management helps ensure that everything is going is according to plan, from bringing in insulation sub-contractors to choosing the right mason to manage the stonework or brickwork.

But it’s not just a diverse skill set that makes the difference – it’s the team synergy and low turnover rate. You might call Monetti’s team the “cream of the crop” in the luxury home building industry. Monetti also has great working relationships with any other stakeholders involved, from realtors and designers to building firms and architects.

Staying Ahead of Trends

You know the say: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That might be the attitude for some contractors who want to execute a home build on the smallest budget possible, but not Robert Monetti. He frequently attends seminars and conferences to get up-to-speed on construction trends and find new, innovative ways to achieve mastery. Whether it’s sophisticated heating systems or high-end wall treatments, Monetti uses his ongoing education in the industry to continually raise the bar on new projects.

The stakes are high when you’re building a custom home – even for the most skilled craftsmen. Monetti strives to consistently deliver value that goes above and beyond what can be seen in the custom-home market today. Don’t let anyone put a glass ceiling on your dreams!

Monetti Custom Homes specializes in custom home design, custom home construction, and custom home renovation along the beautiful New Jersey coastline. For more information, contact us here. Please call to speak to a specialist at 732.223.7949

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