Exterior Tips to Help Your Family Fully Enjoy Life the Beach Life

Life at the beach comes with many benefits. Beach dwellers are typically less stressed, more active, and experience a greater overall work-life balance than those who only get to visit these destination locations on special occasions.

With that in mind, giving your luxury beach home everything needed to fully enjoy life on the coastline is a no-brainer decision for most homebuyers. And when you’re starting to map out what that looks like for you, here are some tips on what you should include in your home’s exterior.

Quick and Private Beach Access

There is something about having the beach in your backyard that you just can’t beat. Consider adding custom wooden staircases and walkways that get you to the sand quickly and easily. This will not only make the beach more accessible; it will create a sense of privacy for you and your loved ones. Use durable building materials that are easy to maintain and can handle challenging coastal climates. No more crowded streets or sidewalks on the path to paradise!

Family Leisure (Room to Lounge)

Make your home everyone’s favorite place to be by having relaxation options for everyone. Use a fun and balanced mix of patio furniture, pool chairs, and rocking chairs on an outdoor deck to build a space that is family-friendly and versatile. Don’t forget to throw in a couple of umbrellas and a poolside grill to create the ultimate lounging experience!

Luxury Outdoor Seating

To truly experience life at the beach, consider creating a full-blown outdoor living space as an extension of your home. Incorporate plush, high-end furniture to create a feeling of luxury – much like the unique sectional below that makes a statement while complementing the surroundings. Be mindful of the weather and make sure at least one of your outdoor seating areas is covered.

Ample Exterior Lighting

Having the right lighting on your beach home is not only functional but also gives the exterior an entirely different look and feel. Add lights on the roof, ceiling beams, staircases, and beyond to make your home radiate for miles around. You and your family will also appreciate the practicality of having such a glowing setup. You’ll enjoy more late nights on the deck or patio and peace of mind knowing you have more visibility on your home at all times.

Blend with the Elements

Another great way to give your home that wow factor is to embrace your environment. Incorporate two key elements – water and fire – into your home’s amenities to make it serene and eloquent. From flowing water fountains or walls to stone fire pits and tables, there’s a classy option that every homeowner can fall in love with.

Room for Expansion

Last but not least, don’t forget to have ample room for your extended family and friends. We all know the feeling of trying to find a parking space on a crowded beach day, and you want to avoid putting your guests through that as much as possible. Having a multi-car garage and spacious driveway will ensure that your beach home can accommodate everyone while doubling as a storage area when visitation is light.

It is no surprise that people who live on the New Jersey coastline thrive. Life at the beach presents countless opportunities for fun, recreation, and meaningful connection. And while you want the interior of your home to be intimate and private, the exterior of your home is meant to be a hub for entertainment. Make your dream home on the beach work for you by giving our expert builders at Monetti a call today at 732.223.7949 or click here.

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