Looking at How the Pandemic Has Impacted Home Ownership

The pandemic has impacted us in ways that we would’ve never expected. We have switched jobs, moved out of cities, taken on homeschooling, reconsidered our savings and assets, and more.

Another big change we’ve seen in the last year and a half is what people want in their homes. It makes sense – your home is one of your most valuable assets, but something you might get complacent about investing in as time goes on. In some ways, the pandemic was a wake-up call for individuals and families to rethink their priorities.

Let’s look at how home ownership, particularly along the New Jersey Coastline, has taken on a new look and feel since it all started.

A Clean Look and Feel

If you look at new home construction being showcased, you’ll notice a trend. People are craving a hygienic look and feel throughout their homes, emphasizing features like open spaces and a modern color palette.

Neutrals, blues, and whites can be used in tandem to make both the interior and exterior of a home look polished. It’s safe to say that as our lifestyles have changed, so have our personal styles.

Emphasis on the Outdoors

Even though some rules around the pandemic have loosened, being indoors is still a cause for concern. And while this might not apply at home, the correlation between our well-being and the great outdoors has definitely spilled over into our personal lives. Homeowners are putting more emphasis on their backyards, decks, and patios to create their own kind of safe haven. For people living on the New Jersey coastline, this has also meant putting more of a focus on things like privacy and beach access.

Leisure and Entertainment

Since the pandemic slowed most of us down in more ways than one, many New Jersey homeowners have more time on their hands. The result? A number of wish list items that have been put off in the last few months or years were finally taken across the finish line.

Landscaping projects, cocktail bars, and master bedroom remodels are just a few examples of how homeowners have started to reinvest in their leisure and happiness at home.

Creative Storage Solutions

With more foot traffic in the home on a day-to-day basis, families are getting more creative with their storage spaces. More luxury homes feature custom built-ins, drawers and cubbies in benches or patio furniture, and grand cabinets in the kitchen that maximize cupboard space. Greater thought is also being put into keeping the hallway, laundry room, and bedrooms open and uncluttered.

The Need for Privacy

Even super-close-knit families need their personal space at times. That’s why more families on the New Jersey Coastline are not only looking for a home that can accommodate all of their needs, but also provide privacy when it is time to take a “time out.”

How that privacy comes to fruition will vary from person to person. It could mean an at-home gym, a spa-like bathroom in the master suite, or a dedicated workspace. Some homeowners focus on the exterior of the home, investing special spots by the pool or beach.

While we don’t know exactly what the new year will hold, there are plenty of lessons we can take from 2021 to craft beautiful luxury dream homes. Contact our master builders and craftsmen today to start painting a picture of what that looks like for you.

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