2020 Trends from a Master Craftsman’s Perspective

The New Year is all about improving our quality of life, down to the very place we call home. Perhaps you’re moving into a new space to get a fresh start and want to put your personal stamp on it. Or, maybe you’re committed to having your dream home built from the ground up. We all deserve a little holiday cheer, right?

So, in the spirit of making change, here are some ideas on how to take your home to the next level in 2020.

Open back staircase in NJ custom home  Underside of open staircase used by NJ custom home builder

Using a modular staircase in your New Jersey home will give the space a light and open feel. Whether you’re walking up to your master retreat or down to spend time in the family room, you’ll be able to take in the beauty of multiple levels at once. Choose from a wide range of materials in your custom design, like wood, steel, or metal, depending on what suits your style. These particular stairs use light, natural elements to give the space a clean and minimalist feel.

Neutral tile work with built-in nooks for cutom home builder in NJ

Shower niches in blue tile bathroom of custom home  Shower shelf in blue tiled shower in New Jersey custom built home

Shower niches will give your master bathroom the luxurious upgrade it deserves. Leave those unsightly and impractical caddies in the past, because you now have a dedicated, built-in area for quick access to your personal items. Not to mention, your shower niches can be customized with high-end tiles and unique engravings to complement other features in the room.

Space saving nooks in bathroom of custom home in NJ

While your master bathroom is in the works, don’t forget to add in some clever bathroom nooks to hold your spare towels and accessories. This will not only keep the area tidy by adding in extra storage, it will make hosting guests a breeze. These nooks can be installed in a multi-purpose fashion under your vanity or any seating feature. You can also choose to double up on your storage by adding built-in drawers or cabinets above them.

Stone wall in NJ custom home

Thinking of using paint or wallpaper to add an accent wall to your home? Think again, because our team of expert craftsmen have a new solution that will draw even more interest and elevate the mood. Stone has been a material of choice in home building for centuries because of its strength and resilience. It can also be installed block-by-block to create a custom accent wall that unifies and beautifies the space. When the material is carried through more than one level of your home, the end result is both captivating and elegant. Take a look at how this home continues to impress, regardless of where you’re viewing it from.

Antique lighting fixtures to use in New Jersey custom home

Antique light fixtures to use in custom built home in New Jersey

Lighting highlited on deck of custom home on Jersey coastline

Antique lighting in yard of NJ custom home

Antique lighting is a must-have when you’re using a lot of light, natural features in your custom home because it balances out the simplistic design. Lighting can be added to your kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor patio, or just about anywhere to add a contrast between the design elements you choose. Hang a rustic chandelier from your staircase or create a calming vibe by simply choosing the right backdrop to illuminate. Attention to detail is everything, so once the foundations of your new home are built, you’ll want to use the right décor to set it off.

Open airy kitchen with built-in wine fridge in home built by New Jersey custom home builder

Custom kitchen built-ins shown in NJ home

High-end amenities, walk-in closets, hardwood flooring… These are among some of the most commonly desired things by homeowners. And while personal taste may change from client to client, there is one thing that nearly every homeowner craves: space. That’s why when you’re creating your vision for life on the New Jersey coastline, you can’t forget about kitchen built-ins. Kitchens are one of the most important spaces for entertaining, so you want them to look great and flow seamlessly anytime you are hosting your family and friends. From your everyday appliances to your bonus features – like a discrete wine rack – built-ins are guaranteed to give your kitchen the style and functionality it needs.

Smart outlet placement and high tech features in NJ custom built home

Last but not least, don’t forget to incorporate tech-friendly features to keep your home on par with changing trends and times. Be mindful of where outlets are being placed so your personal devices and appliances are always ready to go. Enhance your porch or patio by adding outdoor speakers so you can relax and entertain at the same time. Smart home technology is also in its prime, so put thought into how you can connect the various features and rooms in your home.

Thank you to everyone who helped Monetti make this another great year. Here’s to 2020!

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