Hurricane Resistant Glass Windows For Your Home

Since hurricane Sandy came barreling down our beautiful New Jersey coastline in 2012 one of the most frequently requested items we get is for impact resistant glass or hurricane resistant glass.

NJ custom built home with hurricane glass

If you’re considering having impact resistant glass windows installed in your home, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Impact resistant glass is built to withstand winds up to 200 mph. Many new designs are even tested to endure category 5 wind conditions.
  • If cracked or broken, these windows are designed to break in a “spider web” pattern and stay relatively in tact, avoiding large sharp shards of glass.
  • These windows can cut out some level of noise pollution as well as help to filter out some UV exposure.
  • Impact resistant glass, on average, is more expensive than its non impact resistant counterparts.
  • There are different types of hurricane resistant glass that range in colors, style, and cost. These options help contractors to stay within their clients’ budgets and design visions.
  • Different states and regions have different requirements concerning installation of impact resistant glass. Your contractor will check with local officials to ensure your home design is in compliance with local building ordinances.

For more information on impact resistant glass installation or to find out if your home is in need of hurricane resistant glass, please visit our website here or contact us at 732.223.7949

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