Tip on Protecting your Tub

For anyone whose ever done a home bathroom renovation, it’s no surprise that these repairs and restorations can become both time consuming and costly. Finding the right flooring, lighting, and fixtures that fit both your vision and your budget can be a challenge. Luckily there are a few tricks of the trade that can help to save time and money throughout the process of your bathroom renovation.

One of the biggest expenses in a bathroom renovation is the fixtures. Sinks, toilettes, and bathtubs are all a necessary but pricey part of the restoration process. If you’re happy with your current bathtub and it’s in good condition, however, there’s no reason to add the expense of replacing it. However, construction is a rough and messy process, so it pays to ensure that your tub is protected during renovations. 

Bathtub in NJ custom home

Tub coat protection is an easy and affordable option to ensure that your bathtub is safe from the dirt, grime, and debris produced during these messy jobs. This thick latex based paint is applied to the interior and exterior of the bathtub and, once dried, provides a thick and durable skin like layer that protects your bathtub from dings, scratches, chips, and the overall mess that construction leaves behind.  

Once the job is done the tub coat protection layer can be easily peeled away, leaving your bathtub completely unscathed and your wallet just a little bit fatter.

Don’t increase the price of an already costly renovation by replacing a perfectly good bathtub when you can simply use tub coat protection to ensure your fixture stays safe during renovation.  

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