Rebuilding vs. Renovating

When it comes to making the decision of whether or not to renovate your older home or completely rebuild, working with a custom home design company, like Monetti Custom Homes, can help you to make an informed and confident decision. Once you’ve chosen a builder to work with, there are several things to keep in mind to help you choose between renovating or rebuilding.

Should you rebuild or renovate your NJ custom home?

  1. Figure out your budget – Your builder can work with you to let you know which option is more affordable or within your budget. You may find out that it may actually cost more to renovate your home than it does to start over new. However…
  2. If cost is not a factor – If you have a healthy budget or the reason you bought the home in the first place was because of the old style and original architecture, then you’ll definitely want to keep the features of the home that give it the character you fell in love with.
  3. Ongoing maintenance – New homes require less upkeep and maintenance than older homes. If you don’t want to worry about continuing to make upgrades regularly over the years, a new home won’t require major changes, renovations, or code upgrades.
  4. Weigh your priorities – Does the current home have everything your family needs? Does the floor plan work with your busy lifestyle? Sometimes starting fresh is easier and more cost effective than trying to change or modify the original floor plan.

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