Choosing a Floor Plan

So you’ve decided to build a new home. Congratulations! Whether this is your first time or not, building a beautiful home for you and your family to enjoy can be an inspiring and gratifying process. Of course, working with an experienced custom home design company like Monetti Custom Homes, helps to make the process as simple and seamless as possible. Once you’ve found your location and decided on how you’ll be using the home, you can focus on the design details like choosing a floor plan.

Choosing a floorplan for your Ocean County or Monmouth County custom built home.

Selecting the right floor plan for your new home ensures that the home will have the right flow and work best with your family’s lifestyle. Here are a few tips for choosing the floor plan that’s best for your new home.

  1. Size and Shape – First, decide on how big your new home should be in regards to the shape and size of the lot it will be constructed on. Do you want a lot of square footage? Or are you looking for something more intimate and cozy? Should it be a sprawling single story home or do you plan on at least 2 stories? How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need?
  2. Know your budget – Knowing your budget will help your builder guide you in making the right decisions. He or she will know if that upgraded countertop is within your budget. They’ll make sure to remind you that a bigger living room means factoring in some new furniture as well as additional materials for flooring.
  3. Think about your location – Is the property in an open field? Is it beach front? Will other buildings surround it? Keeping this in mind can help you choose a floor plan that works best for your location in regards to the views and energy efficiency goals your hope for.
  4. Be patient – Realize going into this process that every floor plan has its benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you and your builder to discuss what your top priorities are. For example, an open floor plan may mean less privacy and more sound traveling through the house. However, it also means a more open flow and more natural light distribution, which can save on energy costs.
  5. Know your style – Keep your own personal design style in mind and be sure to voice it regularly to your builder. Letting them know how you plan to decorate and furnish the home can help them in guiding you towards a floor plan that works for your unique style.

Once you’ve selected your ideal floor plan you can let your builder get to work and watch your dream home’s construction unfold before your eyes.

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