Energy Saving Bulbs in Home Design

One of the biggest home design and renovation trends right now is everything energy efficient. Going green not only helps the environment but, your wallet as well! In an attempt to promote energy efficiency across the country, the federal government has passed a series of laws that incentivize homeowners to make eco friendly decisions when making upgrades to their homes.

Energy efficient NJ custom homes.

These upgrades include but are not limited to, upgrading major appliances like washers, driers, and HVAC systems to more energy efficient models. Another is replacing low efficiency incandescent light bulbs with high efficiency incandescents, LEDs, or compact fluorescents. Current 100 watt light bulbs use more energy emitting heat than they do producing light. Newer available models, as well as models in development will offer a much higher light to energy ratio.

What this ultimately means for homeowners is that these high efficiency light bulbs will lower your energy bills by using less energy to light your home. In addition to lower energy costs in general, these bulbs are designed to last for years as opposed to months like some current incandescent bulbs, meaning fewer bulbs replaced and fewer bulbs purchased.

Of course with every pro there are always some cons. In the case of energy efficient lighting, some individuals feel that some LED bulbs and compact fluorescents do not emit light that is as pleasing to look at as the light produced by traditional incandescent bulbs. However, knowing this, lightbulb manufacturers have made valiant attempts to produce lights that are both energy efficient and not to harsh for the interiors of homes. It may take a few tries to find a bulb that works with the interior of your home but once you do, the results will pay for themselves.

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