Radiant Floor Heating Gains Popularity

When rebuilding or renovating a home, owners tend to overlook the heating components of the design. Not because it isn’t important, but because forced air heating has become so widely popular that it may not occur to them that there are other options. One such option that is gaining in popularity, especially in luxury homes, is radiant floor heating.

Don't overlook the heating system in your NJ custom home.

Radiant floor heat is a form of home climate control that utilizes pipes or coils under the floor to create heat that permeates the floor, thereby heating the entire room. Homeowners enjoy this form of home climate control for a number of reasons.

 Allergies – Unlike forced air heating that blows heated air throughout the home, radiant floor heat simply heats rooms from the floor up. This means dust and other allergens don’t get kicked up and the air doesn’t get as dried out.

Morning showers – Nobody likes to start their day by stepping out of a hot shower onto a freezing cold tile floor. With radiant floor heat, bathroom floors are warmed to the perfect temperature, keeping morning showers feeling luxurious rather than teeth chattering cold.

Heat distribution – With forced air heating, the heated air is blown into a room and quickly rises to the top. Radiant floor heating provides more evenly distributed heat throughout the room since it’s coming from coils that are spread throughout the entirety of the space, rather than strategically placed vents that can be blocked by furniture or appliances.

If radiant floor heat seems like it would be the right choice for your luxury home renovation or home construction, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Monetti Custom Homes. One of our building experts will be happy to assist you.

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