Add Function And Value To Your Home With A Pergola

Looking to add a custom touch to your home on a budget? A pergola is an affordable addition to your home that adds both value and function. In today’s market they are becoming big selling points for a home. A pergola creates the function and feel of an extra room or space without actually having to build a new room. Pergolas are great for creating walkways or shade for a seating area or garden. This is especially important if your yard does not have enough trees or other natural shade, which is typical of a shore home. Pergolas also add visual appeal and depth to your yard, not only during the spring and summer months but also during the off seasons of fall and winter when your yard may not be at its best visually.

The incentive of a pergola and creative set ups you can put under it, like an outdoor fireplace, might make you spend a little more time out there entertaining in the off season months. Why not make the most of your yard all year-round? You can also use the pergola to set up some additional outdoor lighting or attach an audio system and television to the structure for entertainment. Pergolas can be built with all different types of wood or synthetic material in all different styles. You can also use metal or stone for the columns. You can also have one custom built that can be moved around your yard to different areas if you’re looking to change it up with the seasons. If it’s attached to your exterior it can also up the square footage of your home on paper. You can purchase a standard cedar hardwood pergola for less than $2,000, while a high-end pergola can cost around $4,000. And for all the DIY types, you can always purchase the materials and build one yourself to save more money. Pergolas make an easy, affordable addition to your home that increases both enjoyment and property value. 

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