Home Products Debuted At NAHB International Builders’ Show ’13 Reflect The Times

Today was day one of NAHB’s annual International Builders’ Show and there were some pretty impressive home and building products shown off for 2013. Overall, the practical and problem-solving focus of the products reflects modern notions. 

KOHLER debuted its Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet which turns on and off via a motion activated sensor. The sensor is built to respond lightning fast – within 20 milliseconds. However, you do still have to physically adjust handles to switch from stream to spray and from hot to cold.  The system also runs on AC power so you don’t need batteries. Read More

GE introduced new washer and dryers that are taller. Studies show that while front loading appliances are the best performing and most convenient, they cause heavy strain on the backs of homeowners. That’s why General Electric debuted a new system that uses 7 inch risers to elevate the doors to a more comfortable position. Read More

It’s good that companies are thinking simple and addressing homeowners’ real needs on an accessible level via home products that focus on modern sensibilities like physical well being and a clean home. Instead of showing off flashy bells and whistles, they’re directly addressing practical problems like back pain and germs, an approach that reflects what new home buyers and homeowners care about in 2013. 

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