Design A Custom Reading Room For Your New Home

So many leisure room ideas come to mind when renovating or building a custom home – media room, game room, etc. An underrated gem that often goes overlooked is the reading room. Can you picture a Jersey Shore style beachfront reading room with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the ocean?

If you don’t want to hire a builder and are looking for a DIY project, or if dedicating a whole room to reading just isn’t your style, you can still build a reading space from an unused closet. First, remove the closet doors and put up some curtains or other kind of partition, screen or door. You can get creative especially if the reading room is for kids. Next, remove any hardware you find and patch up any holes. Then you’re going to need to build two frames for the base and the bench. Read More

If your friend or family member has been tossing around room ideas for their new home, why not suggest a reading room? Besides encouraging an excellent and productive hobby, the designated space will add some well deserved peace and quiet to your home this year.

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