3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Green In 2013

If you are building a new home or performing a home restoration this year, take into account that today it is easier and more cost efficient than ever to make your home more green and eco-friendly. Did you know about biodegradable tableware?  Besides building towards energy efficiency, cleanliness and functionality, you can also incorporate green and eco-friendly choices into your home’s visual style, artwork and other creative expressions. Independent environmental news and lifestyle publication Greener Ideal and Houzz contributor Mariko Jackson recently laid out some great and easy ideas for making your home green in 2013: 

1.) Looking to green up your kitchen? Perfect for parties or every day life, Wasara makes biodegradable tableware that comes in different styles and sizes and is fully compostable.  The best part is you can get them for $9.00. 

2.) You may be used to handling your home’s interior walls with metal, plastic and particleboard. According to Greener Ideal, however, going with organic materials like organic paint, river rocks, stones, ceramic tile, wood panels and cork is the better choice for an aspiring green basements and living rooms. For the brave and adventurous, a dilapidated farm is apparently a good place to search for and recover raw materials. Read More

3.) Skoy cloth is a 100% biodegradable alternative kitchen product to sponges and paper towels. Skoy cloth is durable, fast-drying and absorbant.  You can grab a pack of these for $8.99. 

It is true that you have to spend a little bit more money to go green, but when you balance that out with the array of benefits of maintaining an eco-friendly home, spending that extra few dollars is well worth it. Check out more ways to make your home green in 2013 on Houzz and Greener Ideal. 

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