Remove Your “Monday Blues” with These Custom Home Build & Design Tips

Blue is the color of choice for many homeowners living on the New Jersey coastline. Why? It’s the color of the ocean and the sky, two staples of the beach lifestyle that provide peace and tranquility. And now that people are spending more time at home than ever, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your environment work for you.

Color can make or break a mood and take a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Below we’ve provided some example of how you can incorporate blue in your New Jersey custom home to do just that.

Luxury Entryway & Hallway Runners

Carpet flooring isn’t for everywhere, and runners can be a great compromise. Reduce noise, keep your feet warm, and stay on trend without fully covering your beautiful hardwood floors. This high-end runner fits right into this custom entryway and compliments the artwork on display.

Feel-Good Cabinets and Glassware

Everyone loves a kitchen that packs a punch, and this bold blue design will certainly not disappoint. Using eye-catching features and amenities in a more neutral setting can make them pop and add a beach-themed flair to your home. Don’t forget to ask for spacious windows with plenty of natural lighting to really tie the space together!

Custom Stainless Steel Range Hoods

Range Hoods can easily become the focal point of any kitchen when they’re intentionally built and designed to get attention. Not to mention, range hoods are an essential part to any kitchen because they eliminate the smoke, heat, airborne toxins, and odors that build up while you’re cooking. If you want your kitchen to have a gourmet look and feel, be sure to invest in one that is unique and high-quality to deliver on all your family’s needs.

Granite Countertops with a Twist

Choosing the right granite for your kitchen build or remodel isn’t always easy because there are so many beautiful options to choose from. However, picking a light countertop with colorful flecks and spots can make it look both modern and elegant. You don’t have to go “all out” to make a statement – instead, try a more minimalistic approach that still achieves a mesmerizing result.

Luxurious Bed Frames

If you’re like most of our New Jersey homeowners, your bedroom is one area you’re not willing to compromise on. It’s your sanctuary after a long day and the one place you get to relax and unwind without getting distracted by the demands of work and life. That being said, a blue-colored platform bed frame is the perfect accent to any master retreat. Considering pairing it with nautical décor and plush bedding to match your lifestyle.

The next time you wake up feeling stressed or out of sorts, take a look around you. Your home should put you at ease, and taking a custom approach to its build and design plays and instrumental role in that. Considering making an investment in your New Jersey home that will not only work better for you now, but appeal to the blue lovers in the future. After all, it’s the world’s “go-to” color!

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