Building a Culture of Accountability: How Monetti Takes it to the Next Level

When your dream home is in the works, sitting on the sidelines is a hard role to accept. Most homeowners who have taken this journey understand how unsettling it can be to feel disconnected from the construction process.

That’s why Robert Monetti has made it his life’s work to build prestigious custom homes along the New Jersey coast with full transparency. He gives each one of his clients a behind-the-scenes look at the construction process from design to execution and prides himself on being timely and accessible.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Our team at Monetti Custom Homes is trained to work under the same rule of thumb: each client should feel like they are decision-makers, rather than bystanders. Through Monetti’s unique online portal, homeowners are given access to images and detailed notes about their projects every single day. It’s almost like watching your custom-built New Jersey home being built in real-time.

Monetti Custom Homes NJ Client Login

Using the Buildertrend platform has really allowed us to take things to the next level by keeping our contractor-to-client communication wide open. And let’s face it: when every step of the process is being documented, close attention to detail matters more than ever. We set high standards for our contractors, craftsmen, and artisans, and have full confidence in their work ethic.

Taking a Client-Centered Approach

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The online portal is right on the Monetti Custom Homes website, adding extra convenience to the process. Clients can look in whenever they see fit without having to ask for permission or work around our construction schedule. Simply navigate to the Client Login tab, enter your provided username and password, and be officially “in the know” about everything going on with your home project.

With that, you’ll also have the opportunity to make sure deadlines are being met and help facilitate decisions. If there is a problem or delay, you’ll know how, why, and where the setback occurred. Best of all, clients get to see exactly how the budget for their new home is being used. Thanks to sound and dedicated management, there are no surprises, because everything is stored and updated regularly.

A monmouth county custom home being constructed

With each project and positive experience, homeowners are being assured that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve recently been through a bad storm or natural disaster, this extra layer of accountability is exactly what you need to put your mind at ease. One New Jersey family told us: “After the storm, we really felt a sense of uncertainty and worry that we’d not be able to make things right again in our shore home.”

After putting their trust in Monetti Custom Homes, they were able to bring their home back to life in a way they never thought possible.

Sometimes building your dream home requires a little bit of blind faith. You’re putting your dreams into someone else’s hands and hoping they will make it a reality. Approaching each project with full transparency allows Monetti’s team of qualified and reputable custom contractors to stay right on target. Every time there is an opportunity to build something extraordinary, our team rises to the occasion. Watch the intricate details of creating a fine custom home HERE.

Monetti Custom Homes specializes in custom home design, custom home construction, and custom home renovation along the beautiful New Jersey coastline. For more information, contact us here. Please call to speak to a specialist at 732.223.7949

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