Horror Stories

Let’s be clear here – the world is full of excellent builders, great builders and, in fact,  a few I know who are extraordinary. I’d go so far as to say most builders I know do everything in their power to provide a quality service and product to their clients.

Those are the guys you’re looking for. But there are also guys to avoid.

Framework of an unfinished home.

Remember that neighbor of yours, the one whose 2-month kitchen remodeling took a year? And then the granite countertops cracked and had to be replaced? What about your cousin who was quoted $300,000 to build his new house and it ended up costing him $400,000? Everyone’s heard horror stories about houses and it’s one of the biggest fears of new homeowners. It’s not always the builder’s fault when things go wrong – sometimes it’s your fault.

When it is, it’s because you:

A) Didn’t thoroughly research your builder’s credentials

B) Didn’t prepare a detailed set of plans and specifications

C) Tried to get high quality work for a low quality price.

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