Rebuild New Jersey Connects Shore Homeowners With Contractors

Online directory Rebuild New Jersey is connecting homeowners with the right contractors in the post-Sandy shore region. Brielle resident Joseph Hughes founded the directory late last year after the storm hit and the site officially launched last month. Mr. Hughes has a background in both contracting and marketing, working in the contracting field for 10 years before launching a marketing agency last year. The directory serves the shore region exclusively in both Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Rebuild New Jersey logo

“For homeowners and business owners, the site is an information hub of the latest resources, links, and news related to rebuilding Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  There is a lot of information out there, but it is largely fragmented.  We aim to curate the relevant information on our Resources page to assist you in finding answers and efficiently connecting you with the best contractors and resources possible.” (via Rebuild New Jersey)

The site allows different kinds of contractors to showcase their work (via a free profile) while also allowing homeowners to find and research contractors who fit their unique needs. The directory is split up into categories featuring everything from heating and electric to insurance and legal. It also features a “Resources” section where residents can get information regarding FEMA regulations, fraud protection and more. Homeowners can also like Rebuild New Jersey on Facebook to receive news, information and updates about rebuilding the shore.

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