Protecting Yourself and Your Dream Home from Natural Disasters

After living through more frequent and increasing powerful storms, individuals and families are looking for new ways to fortify their home. Additionally, if we have learned anything from 2020, it’s that we should always be prepared for the unexpected. Our physical environments can change quickly, and homeowners along the New Jersey coastline should be well-informed when it comes to storms and storm recovery.

The uncertainty and anxiety that comes with experiencing a natural disaster is inevitable. However, knowing that your home is in the best of hands after the fact can make the situation a little less scary. Our experts home builders put their heart and soul, along with three generations of experience, into every project so you can get back the living a life of peace, comfort, and security.



To be proactive, there are also decisions you can make during the building process to minimize risk and maximize your home’s stability. Our clients frequently request impact or hurricane-resistant glass to protect the indoor and outdoor living spaces in their home.

If you lived on the New Jersey coastline when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, you’ll know that it’s a well-thought-out investment. This type of glass can not only withstand winds up to 200 mph (category 5 conditions), but will also stay relatively intact when cracked or broken. There also various types of hurricane-resistant glass available, meaning you can insulate your home with a premium material while staying within budget. Our contractors will walk you through the color and style options and provide a personalized recommendation.

Building materials are also a key consideration. Concrete and steel are some of the most popular and trustworthy materials available if you want to stormproof your home and can endure even the most destructive wind, rain, and debris. Concrete is itself is extremely strong, however, many homes also require reinforced masonry to reduce tension and carry the stress load.

Check out this time-lapse video where we erect steel framework for a 10,000 square-foot oceanfront home in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Living in a highly-desirable but vulnerable area also means you have to have the right contractors, craftsmen and artisans at your disposal. They should have experience working in both flood zones and wind zones along with a thorough understanding of what laws and safety measures to follow. For example, a home’s foundation and structural elevation are both critical factors to consider if you’re building or restoring a costal property.

Last but not least, always be mindful of lesser-known individuals or companies who might use your personal crisis as an opportunity for personal gain. Put serious thought into who you are trusting a major restoration or rebuild with, as natural disasters have a tendency to draw out a crowd of “building professionals” that may not have your best interests in mind. Placing one of your most valuable investments in the wrong hands could result in project delays, property damage, and financial devastation.

Work with a reputable and reliable custom builder that is upfront about costs, articulates a plan, and provides visual examples of what they’re going to do. Our company has a client portal that allows every homeowner we work with to monitor the project from start to finish because we believe in having the upmost integrity and full transparency.

Whether you want to build a new home from the ground up or restore your dream home, Monetti is committed to making your life on the New Jersey coastline both safe and comfortable. In these uncertain times, have peace of mind knowing you have the best home builders at your disposal to help you weather even the most intense and unexpected storms.

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