New Year, New Look: Exterior Home Features to Try in 2021

It’s official – we made it through 2020 and we’re in a new year. For many of our clients, that means a clean slate or another opportunity to bring their luxury home dreams to fruition. Here are some tips on how you can give your custom home a new look in 2021 so you can make the most out of your memories on the New Jersey coastline.

Room to Lounge

Let’s face it – 2020 was proof that even those who are on the move often may find themselves quickly transitioning to a work-from-home life. Giving yourself a lounging area is not only good for entertaining guests, it also gives you more options if you’re working remotely. Creating a stunning, multi-functional outdoor space is a no-brainer for the new year.

Cozy Firepit

Firepits are warm, inviting, and the perfect focal point for any backyard. Installing a high-end firepit or firepit table will provide year-round entertainment and promote relaxation on an ongoing basis. Not to mention, it gives you a dedicated space to spend quality time with your loved ones in at the end of a long day.

Luxury Staircases

Staircases go far beyond getting you from point A to point B when you have the right craftsmen at your fingertips – building them is an artform. You can also choose from a variety of materials based on your personal preference, from stone and wood to metal and acrylic. Consider using one to create a grand entryway or connect the upper and lower levels of your home.

Custom Stonework

Stone can also be used to dress up the exterior of your luxury home in several other ways. Our expert builders specialize in stone siding, walkways, roofing, landscaping features, and more. It’s an ideal choice for larger building projects because of its strength and durability, and provides a unique and texturized look that you can never truly replicate.

Backyard Bar

Much like a contemporary firepit, a backyard bar is an adult-friendly feature that can give you and your guests a place to relax and unwind in. And while it may be not be cocktail weather yet, it’s the perfect time to start getting your custom home ready for intimate gatherings in the near future. Pair your backyard bar with a hot tub, pool, or sectional seating to create the ultimate retreat.

Curved Exterior Walls

Most people think of straight lines and 90-degree angles when they envision a home. We are seasoned experts in a variety of design and installation techniques, which means we like to think outside of the box. Deviating from the norm by incorporating a curved exterior wall will bring your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

Wooden Ceilings

Wood has been a material of choice for hundreds of years due to its versatility. However, most homeowners think of furniture and floors rather than looking upwards for opportunity. Wooden ceilings will add taste and elegance to any exterior, and can be cut into any shape and size to be used throughout a space. It’s also an eco-friendly choice, making it a win-win for those who want to stay green on the path to a luxury lifestyle.

The past year taught us the value of home ownership and what it means to have a space you can truly feel comfortable, fulfilled, and at peace in. Make 2021 about creating a home that never falls short of your expectations, even when other areas in your life get complicated.

We wish you all the best in the new year and look forward to our next build with you!

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