Give Your Workspace a New Home in a Converted Closet

Thinking of some new ideas for your custom home office? Convert the room’s closet to create an extra attached workspace. You can keep the main desk in the center of the office while using the closet space for a drafting table or a display area.


compact worskpace in a nook (via home designing)

Closet inside a New Jersey custom shore home

You can still maintain some of the original storage function of the closet by installing some overhead shelves above the desk. The converted closet is not only utilitarian and functional but is also visually appealing and interesting from a home design perspective. Also, you can choose to either remove the door completely (if a small closet), or if you have a wider long closet you can keep its doors for added effect.

There are more spaces to expand your custom home office than a closet – for example, underneath a staircase or in a kitchen or living room nook. Also, there are more uses for a converted closet than just a workspace – make it into a mini library, a child’s play space or even a compact custom home bar.

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