A Custom Oasis in Your Master Suite

Your custom-built dream home is not just a building, it is an extension of you. Every decision you make during the build process will have some impact on your life. For many of our New Jersey clients, customizing the master bathroom is a must because it is their own personal retreat. It’s where they relax, unwind, and spend time reflecting at the end of each day. Whether you’re building or renovating, your custom-built New Jersey home should have a master bathroom you are proud to show off (but don’t want to share).

A Spa-Like Escape from Reality

No matter how beautiful the New Jersey coastline is, we all need a little break from the real world and time to rejuvenate. You can still use the great outdoors as an inspiration for the look and feel inside your bathroom. Take a look at how this beautiful, custom tile work makes this bathroom pop by pulling in ocean blues and a wave-like design aesthetic:Custom tile work in a NJ custom home.


















Even though the area was covered wall-to-wall in beautiful textiles, our clients didn’t have to sacrifice on any space. In fact, you could probably fit and the entire family in this shower if you wanted to. Take a look at how we included a custom bench and symmetrical shelves to optimize the space in this bathroom. The addition of high-end, stainless steel fixtures made it look and feel like the ultimate getaway.


Creating the Perfect Flow

Monetti Custom Homes stands out because we are willing to make bold moves and help our clients think outside of the box. We focus on making each room in your home picture perfect and then tying it all together with our expert craftsmanship. This bathroom was beautiful on its own, but really came to life when we synced it with the master bedroom. The natural look of the custom-built bathroom cabinets work perfectly with the wooden beams on the ceiling in the bedroom. Not to mention, the open, airy feel of the space allows for plenty of natural light to shine through during the day. To create the perfect flow, we carried the same pattern in the shower throughout the rest of the bathroom:

If you’re in a committed relationship, you know how hard it can be to juggle two daily routines in a single bathroom. That’s why we made sure these clients had a custom-built double vanity with tons of counter space to fill their personal needs. We also installed amble storage to keep the space clean and inviting.

Immerse Yourself in Life on the Coastline

We remind all of our clients how important it is to maintain a work-life balance. Sometimes that means giving yourself a few minutes each day of pure, interrupted bliss. Treat yourself by choosing to install in a custom, spa-like retreat. Imagine waking up in the morning or coming home after a long day and standing beneath a cascading rainfall showerhead. This customized bathroom feature isn’t just efficient, it provides the perfect escape for homeowners looking for a truly luxurious experience. Pair this spacious water feature with an oceanfront view, and you will be fully immersed in life on the New Jersey coastline:

A new jersey custom built home with custom tile work.


While the rainfall showerhead is undoubtedly the main feature in this bathroom, it is not the only one. It is also equipped with hand showers and body sprays to give our clients a high level of flexibility in the space. As you can see from the incredible outcome, your dream bathroom can be configured in a way that meets all of your needs.

From this perspective, you can also see the custom lighting features that were installed to keep the shower bright and vibrant. Custom lighting is a great way to play around with different color palettes in your home without worrying about losing the overall ambiance.

Make an Investment in Yourself

When you spend the time and money to build a custom home, you shouldn’t settle for a standard or cookie-cutter approach. Unlike other shared spaces in your home, your personal oasis will be a space you can call your own. Give yourself a little piece of heaven by letting our New Jersey custom home builders bring your dreams to fruition.

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