5 Tips For Staying Safe Around the Fireplace

Break out the hot chocolate because December is here and cozy winter fires among peaceful snowfalls are not far away. Also, take a minute while gearing up for this holiday season to keep your loved ones and your home safe by checking out these 5 quick tips from the HPBA (Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association) for staying safe around the fireplace this winter, especially if you have a custom built fireplace that has its own unique features.


Some of this may be common sense, but please remember to:

1.) Always keep an eye on children around the fireplace, even it it has been recently shut off . If your fireplace is electric, be sure to keep the remote out of reach. You can also install a switch lock to prevent anyone from turning the fireplace on.

2.) Make sure everyone in your home is aware that the fireplace’s glass panel can be extremely hot to the touch. At your holiday gatherings, take a second to let everyone know.

3.) It can take a while for the glass panel to cool off. Make sure you do not let anyone near the panel until it has had plenty of time to cool down which can be at least one hour or more. Fireplaces that operate via a thermostat can be shut off automatically, so you may not know exactly when the glass began to cool.

4.) Watch the door frames and other metal surfaces like grilles. These can also be extremely hot.

5.) Read your user manual. This is especially important for owners of custom built fireplaces that may have unique or potentially overlooked features. The home owner should have full knowledge of the fireplace’s capabilities and special features or warnings.

Happy Holidays!

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