Starting a Project? Top Questions to Ask your Custom Home Designer!

Before hiring a custom home designer for your new custom home build or custom renovations on an existing property, you’ll naturally have a lot of questions. To ensure you’re working with a quality custom home designer that truly understands your vision and can help to create your dream space, make sure to ask any potential professional the following questions:

A custom home in NJ 1.     Do you have a specific design style? If so what is it? – Working with a home designer that shares your vision is like winning the custom home design lottery. Certain designers may also be flexible in their design style and can deliver on a wide range of trends and styles. Ask to see photos of some of their other work. Some may even be willing to show you some of their completed projects in person so you can get a true feel for what they can offer. 2.     What qualifications do you have? – You’ll want to work with a home designer with experience and skill sets that are specific to the vision you have for your custom home design. For example if you’re looking to build a completely eco friendly, self sustaining home, you’ll most definitely want to work with a builder who has extensive experience in areas like solar energy and energy efficiency. This way your builder can guide you in making the most efficient and cost effective choices for your home. 3.     Who will I be working with for the duration of the build/renovation? – Knowing who your go-to person is during new home construction or during a renovation can give you the peace of mind that you’ll be getting reliable service and consistency throughout the duration. When you have questions you want reliable answers from someone you can trust. 4.     When can we expect the project to be finished? – Having a specific timetable in mind can help you to plan your life around your renovation or new home construction. While, timetables can change due to unforeseen complications, a good contractor will meet with you frequently and regularly to keep you up to date on any adjustments. Keep in mind that any changes you decide to make during construction because you’ve changed your mind or decided on something different will most definitely affect the timetable. It’s best to stay realistic during this process. 5.     How disruptive will this project be to my life? – Disruptive” really becomes quite a relative term when it comes to home renovations. Depending on how extensive the renovation is and your personal comfort level with noise and workers in your space, will all have an effect on how disruptive you find the project to be. However, contractors will always make their best efforts to be as accommodating as possible. 6.     Will there be a lot of upkeep and maintenance to think about? – Talk with your custom home designer about what you can reasonably afford as far as upkeep and maintenance are concerned going forward. Maintaining a home can become costly over time if not properly planned for at construction. Your home designer will work with you to alter aspects of your design to fit within your maintenance budget. 7.     How much is this all going to cost me? – A quality custom home designer will be able to work with you to help you to find a balance between delivering your dream home and working within your budget. They’ll be upfront with you about whether or not certain aspects of your design are unrealistic for your budget but will always be happy to work with you to find an alternative solution. Monetti Custom Homes specializes in custom home design, custom home construction, and custom home renovation along the beautiful New Jersey coastline. For more information, visit our website here or on Houzz. Please call to speak to a specialist at 732.223.7949.

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