Baby Boomer Home Design Trends

After Millennials, Baby Boomers are the largest generation in the United States. While Millennials are just beginning their adult lives and easing into their careers, Baby Boomers are either already retired or are quickly nearing that day. Hopefully, with some smart financial planning retirement means having the freedom to do what they want, whether that means relaxing, traveling the world, or building a dream home.

While former generations tended to gravitate towards more modest homes, the Baby Boomer generation has the time, energy, and means to build homes that are more appropriate to their active lifestyles.

Baby boomers are building the custom homes of their dreams on the Jersey shore.

When it comes to building a Baby Boomer home, there are certain design choices and home features that seem to be popular among this generation:

Large picture windows/Sliding glass doors – When it comes to natural light in these homes the rule seems to be, “The more the better!” Natural light not only makes it easier to see but can save on energy expenses over time.

Home offices – For the Baby Boomer who isn’t ready to fully retire, home offices offer a perfect transition from working a 9-5 office job into working from home and eventually retiring completely.

Open concept floor plans – These types of floor plans can make a home feel larger while letting natural light from its large picture windows flood throughout. In addition, open floor plans make it possible for wheelchair users to move around the first floor freely.

First floor bedrooms/Bathrooms – The ability to climb stairs may diminish as a person grows older. Many Boomers are opting to have multiple bedroom homes with a flex room or two on the first room. Flex rooms on the first room may start off as storage or an office but can easily be transitioned into a bedroom when the time comes.

Single story homes – Single story doesn’t necessarily mean a homeowner has to give up on space. Large and luxurious ranch style homes are becoming more and more popular as Baby Boomers realize that eventually they may not want or be able to climb stairs.

Multi media centers – Retiring means spending more time at home so by nature, at home entertainment becomes a necessity. Home builders and designers can customize each home’s media center to meet each individual’s want’s and needs. Whether that means a flat screen with surround sound or a full at home movie theatre setup, a custom home builder can meet the needs of each homeowner.

Ultimately, an experienced custom home builder will be able to work with you to learn what it is you’re looking for in your retirement home and customize it to your lifestyle.

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