3 Easy Ways To Get Started On The Ultimate Man Cave

Is your happy place somewhere on a beautiful hammock tied between two great oak trees, with a book in your hand and a cup of delicious tea on a sunny spring afternoon?

No? Then check out these 3 easy tips to get started on building the ultimate custom man cave:

1.) The Bar – A custom bar is the most important aspect of a worthy man cave. Check out our previous blog post dedicated to home bars to get some inspiration. It’s a given that you want your bar to look great, but remember to focus more on functionality – consider a mobile bar with interchangeable parts that you can move around your space and adjust to accomodate different scenarios.

Man cave built in a custom built NJ Home

2.) The Style – The whole point of a man cave is to have a space for all of your awesome stuff that your significant other won’t allow in their house. The space is an expression of who you are, so whether it be classic movie posters, music or sports memorabilia, classic car stuff, antique, Americana or any kind of collection – go all out and make the place 100% your own, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. No one wants to hang out in a repressed man cave.

3.) The Goods – You’ve come this far so don’t hold back now. It’s great to hang out and chat, but you’re going to need a serious entertainment set-up to truly complete the elusive man cave. If you’re tight on space, go for a flat screen that you can hang on the wall. If you don’t want to invest in another expensive entertainment center but still want great sound, purchase a space-saving sound bar or even hook the TV up to a sleek Bose iPod speaker system. The other center piece should be a poker table, pool table or any other kind of activity or hobby that you and your friends are interested in.

You now have the building blocks to create the ideal spot and the rest is up to you. Master these 3 fundamentals of the man cave and you can’t go wrong.

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