Custom Home Builder for Montclair New Jersey

custom home builder montclair nj home builderMonetti Custom Homes has a complete understanding of how overwhelming crafting a custom home tends to be, but we are dedicated to helping you all through the project to attain your aspiration. From picking the appropriate floor plan to selecting drawer pulls in your kitchen; we’ll continually be right by your side. Monetti Custom Homes takes pride in our ability to work with homeowners by having absolute admiration for our customers and all of our professional partnerships.

Thank you very much for your consideration in Monetti Custom Homes in regards to building a custom home in Montclair.


If you find yourself interested in creating your own custom home in Montclair, deciding on the best-suited builder is crucial. Website testimonials and feedback can be interesting, but it shouldn’t be the sole thing driving your decision. While prior client’s opinions are beneficial and can reveal a lot about the firm, their work must speak for itself. Remember to explore galleries, assess the quality of the work, and speak to every builder you are contemplating at length about their process. You want to confirm that the builder you select will be a partner in your design and keep your aesthetic in mind. If a home builder can’t deliver on your goal, they are not the builder for your situation.

Our amount of commitment and regard for our patrons may be best presented in the elegant materials we incorporate in every one of our designs. Every house we work on is created to stand the test of time. When constructing a custom home, there are lots of aspects to consider and we set our client’s personal safety at the top of the list. By selecting the top products available, we make certain that each residence we create is not only gorgeous but sturdy also.

We want you to feel at ease in any place in your home. From the kitchen to the bath, use nature’s splendor that is all around you as the stimulus. When you need an escape from the real world, think about how rejuvenating it would be to comfort yourself in a spa-like sanctuary right in your own custom master bath in your own custom residence that looks to be right out of the pages of a magazine. The coloring, the scents, the shapes, and the noises of the world around you can all serve as influences for the material you end up picking for your custom house.

While the bath is where you get to be by yourself, the kitchen is where all people gather together. It is the center of the house. When you choose to design a custom home, you will be making an immense obligation both monetarily and individually. Don’t squander that for an ordinary creation that anybody could have. Help to make yours stand-out with a stylish layout and lovely details. Unite a gorgeous visual with complete usefulness and your kitchen will certainly be a point of jealousy for anyone who comes into it.

Regardless if you are renovating or developing from scratch, your property in Montclair must truly be an exceptional creation that represents you.

We can really help make your dream of living an ideal life a reality. When elegance meets usefulness and quality workmanship, the finished result is consistently breathtaking. Awaken each day feeling that you are on a getaway in a house built by Monetti Custom Homes.


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