Building a Custom Home in Summit

custom home builder summit nj home builderIf you are considering building a custom home in Summit NJ in Union County, thank you so much for your interest in Monetti Custom Homes. We fully understand how daunting creating a custom home can be, but we are focused on collaborating with you through the overall operation to accomplish your goal. From picking a floor plan to deciding upon drawer pulls for your kitchen; we’ll always be right by your side. Monetti Custom Homes takes satisfaction in our opportunity to work beside homeowners by delivering absolute respect to our valued clientele and all of our professional relationships.

When you are thinking about building your own custom home in Summit, using the ideal builder is vital.


While website customer reviews and testimonials can be incredibly helpful, they shouldn’t be the one and only element guiding your final decision. While former client’s encounters are useful and can reveal a lot concerning an organization, their work has to speak for itself. You’ll want to explore galleries of their work, see the condition of the final product, and talk to any builder you are considering about their techniques, products, and suppliers. You want to guarantee that the builder you choose is going to be a partner in your creation, preserving your dream as their objective. If a contractor can’t deliver on your vision, they are certainly not the builder to suit your needs.

Our level of devotion and regard for our clientele may be best revealed in the elegant materials we incorporate in every single creation. Every residence we develop is made to withstand the test of time. When developing a custom home, there are numerous aspects to consider and we place our client’s security at the top of the list. By utilizing the finest elements that are available, we make sure that each property we build is not only breathtaking but long-lasting as well.

We would like you to feel comfortable in every single area in your residence. From the kitchen to the bath, use nature’s elegance which is all over the place, for ideas. When you want a vacation from the real world, think how relaxing it would be to revitalize yourself in a spa-like refuge right in your personal residence in your master bath that could be straight from the pages of a magazine. The styles, the aromas, the patterns, and the music of the world around you can all act as influences for the material you ultimately choose for your custom house.

While the bath is where you go to be alone, the kitchen is where most people congregate. It is the core of the home. When you choose to develop a custom home, you will be making a tremendous obligation both monetarily and individually. Don’t throw away that on a typical creation that anybody could have. Help make yours stand-out with personalized organization and wonderful attention to details. Merge a beautiful design with absolute functionality and your kitchen will definitely be a cause of envy for every person who admires it.

It doesn’t matter if you are remodeling or creating from scratch, your property can truly be a unique design that is representative of your personal style.


We can help make your fantasy of living the absolute best life a reality. When luxury meets performance and quality craftsmanship, the direct result is inevitably breathtaking. Awake on a daily basis believing that you are on a vacation in a property built by Monetti Custom Homes.

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